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Panthera Leo - Lion (One Eye Sleeping Lion)

The one eye sleeping lionThis is a lovely picture I took of a male lion at the Sea view Lion Park. He is such a beauty and couldn't be bothered less with me hanging around him as he is happy and fed.Panthera Leo - LionWild species og the cat family are found all over the world, except for in Antarctica and Australia. They are carnivores (meat eaters) and all hunt by stalking their prey and then pouncing.
There are 37 species of wild cat.The best known big cat, often called 'the king of the jungle'. At one time lions roamed all over Europe, Africa and Asia, but now they are found only in parts of Africa and a small area of India.
Lions usually hunt in a group and although it is usually the female that kills the prey, it is the male, the head of the pride (group), that gets to eat first.
They usually lives in groups of three males and several females and cubs.*Lions sometimes climb into trees to stop flies biting them.
*The ancient Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep 111 was said to…