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Mr. Mercedes - Stephen King

Stephen king - Mr. Mercedes Wow... what a thrilling story!
It sure makes you look at people differently and much more cautiously. It shows also not to judge a person by their appearance, since the normal man can be a psychotic killer and the nervouse nutcase woman can be a very valuable member to yor case and a potential friend.
This book had its disturbing parts but it was truly a great novel. Not only to you get to explore the Det. POV but also the killer's POV. Most definitely a great cat-and-mouse story...
A must read not only for Stephen King fans but also to anyone who loves a good detective/thriller & psychology thriller story.
Brilliantly written with a compelling story line.

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard - J.K. Rowling

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard - J.K. Rowling I loved it! It was short and sweet with Professor Dumbledore's Notes. It takes you back to the whole Harry Potter world.
It truly is a cute book worth the read for any HP fan and even great as bedtime stories... I love the whole diverse fairy tales with all the magic and delight and even with morals implied...There is five magical short/bedtime stories for all to enjoy... With the famous The Tale Of The Three Brothers also in this little treasure.
Every HP fan will know that bedtime story for it is a big part in the last novel in the HP Franchise...
*The Elder Wand
*The Necromancy Stone
*The Invisibility Cloak

The Woman in Black - Susan Hill

The Woman in Black - Susan HillWe have all seen the movie but this novel goes deeper and with a completely different ending and in-betweens...
It is chilling and heartbreaking and a ghost story.
Eel Marsh House, salt marshes, Nine Lives Causeway, Arthur Kipps, the woman in black, a mystery and ghostly noices and happenings.It will give you a chill down your spine 👻

Broken Monsters - Lauren Beukes

Broken Monsters - Lauren BeukesI read this novel a while back and I have to say that it is not what I expected! It was great.
Not only the element of murder and mystery but also a hint of the supernatural...
You start reading it and start thinking and then get hit with something completely different and great.
A very compelling read. Well doneLauren So what is this novel about?In a broken city, a disturbed killer is trying to remake the world in his image.
A dark and gripping thriller about the death of the American Dream, online fame, creativity, compromise and the undercurrents of the world we live in right now.