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Agatha Rae - The Garden

The Garden - Agatha RaeDelightful! Enjoyable! Sensational!This was really a great novella if you need a pick-me-up. It is really a wonderful story with a delightful storyline.  It was one of those romance stories you could read anywhere and everywhere,  no matter where you are, what time or season it is.
The way love finds you in the last place you expect and how if it is ment to be it will be.
I am a true romantic at heart and I just fell in love with this novella and I will be definitely reading it again and again.
It is a little fairytale wrapped in the real world.
How can you not love a romance that have a main character Stephen King fan and a Redrum bar ;)

Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuireI enjoyed this novel a lot. Yes I do have a thing for bad boys and Travis fits that category.  I finished this book in one day, was not all light and fun, there are some intense and strong moments. It is really underneath all that violence and roughness a romance like all other. Boy meets girl, boy screws up, girl leave boy, boy is sorry, girl do not forgive him, boy tries to move on, girl realise she loves boy, boy and girl get back together.  But it have a twist and turn here and there.  I love romance and I enjoyed this book. It is more than just a teenage romance... The two MC don't just sleep together on the first night and fall in love with each other,  they build trust and over a long period of time and in the end it was the trust that had a crack and it was trust and love for each other in the end that made them as a couple possible.
I think every girl wants a Travis, I know that I won't mind one ;)