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Endometriosis Operation

Endometriosis OperationMy operation went well yesterday.  My dr also did a Biopsy on my Endo that went rogue (to see if there is something to it).
I just have to recover now, nothing that painkillers can't help with :)

A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger

A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody KeplingerThis was really a non-thinking novel. One you can read in one sitting and you have to do no thinking.  Easy to follow and you just keep on going. There was a few funny moments,  guess every girl would love to have a Nathan.  Also shows not to judge a book by its cover, what people say about others are not always true and a photo can easily be manipulate, so don't judge until you know the true story. 
I truly felt bad for Whitly and can see how she made those decision that she did, not good ones but still easy to see why.
I really thought this book shows a lot more than just a girl looking to escape and find a good time.
Takes you back your teenage years... I liked this book.

K.A. Harrington / Kim Harrington - Forget Me

Forget Me - K. A. Harrington / Kim HarringtonThis to me was more of a mystery than a thriller. The fact that this is her first ever thriller novel it was really good. There were moments that made you smile/laugh and other moments that would make you tear up. The plot was really terrific although I think the part where the true came out and Morgan had to act, was a bit dry and not really that great, K. A. Harrington could have made it more action (where nobody walked away unscathed). But over all it was captivating and you flip through the pages fast. It keeps your attention.

The Belt - Agatha Rae

The Belt - Agatha RaeThis novella is unlike anything I have ever read (in a good way).  If ends with an open ending, I like that, it leaves space for the reader to expand their imagination and keeps the story going.
Agatha makes you live through the nightmare with John and you kinda start thinking what you would do if you were in his position. It shows that if you have a conscious, and you are a horrible person, it will catch up with yoe eventually.
It was a nice easy read.

The Belt - Agatha Rae

The Belt - Agatha RaeThis novella is unlike anything I have ever read (in a good way).  If ends with an open ending, I like that, it leaves space for the reader to expand their imagination and keeps the story going.
Agatha makes you live through the nightmare with John and you kinda start thinking what you would do if you were in his position. It shows that if you have a conscious, and you are a horrible person, it will catch up with yoe eventually.
It was a nice easy read.

Author Agatha Rae Interview

Author Agatha Rae Interview1. So let's start from the beginning,  how did you get into writing? 
AR: I have always liked writing and creating stories. It  has always seemed natural and quite efortless to come up with ideas for short stories, or novellas. It has never been any concrete decision, I am just lucky enough that, first of all, Danielle Zwissler found me and gave me a chance to spread my wings a bit with Firefly and Wisp Books and, secondly, that there are people who like reading what I come up with. 2. Did you always wanted to be a writer/author?
AR: No, it hasn never been any particular plan :) 3. How did your idea for your first novel start?
AR: My first novel, "Oenone" is a romance/drama story with some supernatural sprinkle. The very first thought of creating a book concerning a supernatural being came to my mind when I was watching a program on television showing fortune-tellers. People would call them, talk to them about their life problems and were expectin…

Tangents Vol 1 - Agatha Rae

Tangents Vol 1 - Agatha RaeI was contacted by the lovely @agatha_rae_author (instagram) and got lucky in reviewing one of her novels.I have to say that this book is truly compelling.  It is a drama within a mystery. It grabs your attention and keeps you turning the pages. The story line is great but keeps you guessing. I love how they all have flash backs and you get to know them and how they ended up in this mystery. 
It starts you off in the beginning of the mystery and you get to experience the unfolding of it all.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. RowlingWondrous! Spectacular!
What a great world of the wizards. This has everything you need, magic, monsters, adventure, danger and friendship.  The unlikeliest people makes the truest friends.  Such a fun and marvelous read.
I liked the way Rowling introduced each character and it was fun learning with them and getting to know them all.

Alice In Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

Alice in WonderlandVery enjoyable. A Wonderland for sure.  Unique characters,  with a big diversity.  Truly what young and old can and will enjoy. An easy read with enjoyable moments and a great experience.
Transport you to a Wonderland full of wonder :)
And the Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp in is just as great. Just how I imagend Wonderland would be.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of OzWhat a great little book. Such a marvellous story about friendship, danger, adventure and magic. Poor Dorothy is a strong girl with a good heart.  Truly a happy ending in the end for all.
Goes to show that is you truly believe then you already have what it takes. This ia a story for young and old. Age is only a number and this story do not judge it is a classic. Everyone should dip their toes into Wonderful World of Oz :)

Twilight Trilogy - Stephanie Meyer

TwilightI was a fan when I was a teenager and the whole movie/book craze was the biggest thing.  But it was lousy written and just an awful role model for young teenage girls. It shows that one can not live without a boyfriend,  well I am sorry but no matter what or who he is, that is just bullshit.  No girl in her right mind would be so pathetic after a split. Vampires do NOT sparkle!  Read Salem's Lot by Stephen King if you want real vampires.
This whole story is just so sad and not in a bring tears to my eyes,  my heart is breaking but sad as in how in the world is this acceptable for people to think it is okay...
What a sad excuse for a fantasy novel. Had potential but was poorly executed.

Fifty Shades Of Grey - E.L. James

Fifty Shades of GreyThis book is disturbing to say the least. It only worked because Grey is rich, handsome and a gentleman.  If this was your average Joe it would just be downright creepy. A real terrible trilogy.
If a guy try that crap on me I would seriously hurt him, badly. Maybe even sent him to hospital. Why turn something that can be ao beautiful and natural into something so ugly and disturbing... it is just not right.

The Best Of Me - Nicholas Spark

The best of meSuch a terrific yet tragic love story. True love is well written in these pages.
It most definitely will make you shed a tear or two at the end. I know I did.
Shows how your life can change in a second and how it usually turns out for the best even if it is heartbreaking and not what you wanted. Your first True love will live on forever even after death.
A great touching story.
A must read for everyone. Novel is of course way better than the movie,  so don't go spoiling it with watching the movie.

Sundays At Tiffany's - James Patterson

Sundays at Tiffany'sThis is a book full of fun, love and a bit of heartbreak.
How you will find your soul mate no matter who or what they are.
You fall in love with the main male character right fron the start.
Such a charming gentleman.
An easy and fun read.
Most recommend for it you want a light RomCom with an easy read but something you will fall in love with.  I truly enjoyed this book so much.

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

FangirlI am a fangirl of fangirl (and a few other stories). Pleasant characters and a marvelous story. Shows that you should not be ashamed of yourself and to never change who you are,  it will not make you happy and to just love yourself.
Not only a light romance but also love between sisters and a father and his daughters.  And what is a story without good friendship.  How a situation can change a person for the better or worse. It takes you through the life of college, friendship and your new love.
The fangirl inside of you would love it and thank you for reading it.

The DUFF - Kody Keplinger

DUFFSuch a delightful read. Real characters you can relate to. A witty book and characters. There are a few laughable moments and also a few gloomy ones. But it goes to show that you do not need to change yourself,  you just need to let people in.
I need to say that the main female character should not be taken as a role model since the choices she makes in not really what one should do in the situation that she is but then again everyone is different and cope with a situation differently.
Still a great book, finished it in one sitting.  A really easy, fun, lighthearted read. I liked it.

The Mist - Stephen King

The MistOut of this world! 
This is just a fantastic novel. Aliens at its best or should I say aliem creatures... Shows that in a life threatening situation who you can trust and what people would do to stay alive, even turning on one another.  No one is save.
The movie is different from the novel (of course) and also the boom is better.  It just gives you more insight into what people are thinking in this terrifying situation.
There are a few twists and turns but mothing to over the top. King kept it under the shocking factor since there are already the shocking alien-creatures factor.
I liked his story, it was a fun read.

Full Dark No Stars - Stephen King

Full Dark No StarsThis is not the Stephen King I grew to admire. Not his best work but still thrilling. You can kind of see where each story is going to and the ending, not really unexpected twists and turns.
But there are a lot of people that liked this book but it was not for me. Like I said, not the Stephen King I grew up with. 
I love his short stories but there are just different.
Still worth a read and maybe you are one of those that likes them just the same as his other writings.

Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Pet semataryThis is just another Remarkable book by the King himself. It is heartbreaking with terrible consequences that tears a family apart.
How dreadful it is to lose a part of you and only making it worse by the heavy painful sorrow you carry around.  How one dad, unable to live his life without his little boy,  made a choice that tore his family in unthinkable ways.
A must read for all Stephen King fans. Somethings are just meant to stay dead. Never meddle in something you don't know.

Desperation - Stephen King

Desperation - Stephen KingThis book is good. Do not watch the movie before reading the book. 
The movie sticks with the book about 60% of the way. Completely different ending, of course the ending in the book is immensely better and different. Stephen King really wrote an outstanding ending. This is what endings should be.  This book is really disturbing in a good way. Good always beat dark, yea you lose a lot along the way but in the end, light is victorious.
I really did enjoy this book, just so sorry that I watched the movie a while before I read the book.

The Death Sculptor - Chris Carter

The Death Sculptor - Chris CarterCompelling!
Great twist with who the killer is and the whole shadow puppet theme. This was a page turner from start to finish.  Outstanding writing with pleasant and "real" characters. I just love how dark and twisted the plot gets (in a good way).
The Robert Hunter series is most definitely on my top ten list. Chris Carter is way up there with Stephen King for me, by far two of my favorite authors.

Paper Towns - John Green

Paper Towns - John GreenWell this was just horrible. An annoying main male character and a self centered main female character. The story idea was good only 80% of the way but the story line and the story itself was just awful. The characters was just not believable enough and did I mention annoying...The ending of this book, really? That is the best you could come up with? The whole story is also very predictable. No real twists or turns. As you read you can see a mile away what is coming next, no surprises.

The Night Stalker - Chris Carter

The Night Stalker - Chris CarterI love Chris Carter and also Robert Hunter (he can be so glad he is just a fictional character haha). This was really just one of those books yo can not put down.
It is gripping and easy to read. The writing style is outstanding,  very easy.
I never thought I would love another author as much as I love Stephen King but then I came across this book and author.
If it is Thriller/Serial Killer you are looling for, look no further. Robert Hunter is such a pleasant character, actually all the characters are and also "real", you could actually see them.
I'm a huge fan of the Robert Hunter series.  In one word is this a Marvelous thriller.

NOS4R2 - Joe Hill

NOS4R2- Joe HillI should have posted this before Christmas but never could get so far as to do it, sorry. This book was me getting into Christmas spirit,  yes sure it is a dark turn to get into Christmas spirit with NOS4R2 but hey that is me :)So this is my firt Joe Hill novel I read and... I LOVED IT! The writing style is great, the characters is very "real" and believable, the plot is amazing.
I would say that if you loved Doctor Sleep by Stephen King then you would most certainly love NOS4R2.  The writing style is very similar.  The way how the book title gives a bit away but not enough,  so don't jump to conclusions. I like the way Hill incorporated some of his dad's work into this novel.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen KingOkay so this is not one of my favorite Stephen King novels but 90% of this book is really terrific. The ending was a real let down,  I expected more from the king of horror.  King did however captured the terrifying aspect of not only being lost but also knowing and hearing something, something big, following you.