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How To Survive A Horror Movie - Seth Grahame Smith

How to survive a horror movie - Seth Grahame SmithI absolutely love this book! A reread for sure. This book is so funny and yet insightful. Seth brings all the classic horror/slasher movies in and gives great advice. A must read for all horror/slashers fans out there.
I think the "An apology from Wes Craven" is great.
I mist say I enjoyed the part about possessed dolls (chucky) hilarious. 
This is by far one of my favorite books. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, not just horror/slasher fans.
It is so enjoyable that you can read it in one sitting.  This is a book for any occasion or mopd that you are in.
Do yourself a huge favour and go get this ASAP :)

Bazaar Of Bad Dreams - Stephen King

Bazaar Of Bad Dreams - Stephen KingWhat a great collection of short stories.  From Bad Little Kid to Under The Weather to sad story of Summer Thunder. I love the short little "introduction" he gives before every story... They truly are the work of imagination from a genius of writing. 
There is no surprise that I love Stephen King and he sure knows how to keep his fans happy and satisfied.  The one Author I never have any trouble to spend money on because you know that you are going to get ypur money's worth in his stories...