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Oenone - Agatha Rae

Oenone - Agatha Rae

So what would you do if your wish could come true but with a sick/deadly twist?
Most people would say "No thank you" but then again what if you were not told that little twisted price?

This novel is all about Be careful what you wish for. This is like a Greek version of a Genie. You get a wish granted but of course it almost always have a deadly twist...

The gorgeous Agatha Rae shows here that you can not label her in just one genre. She sure have the talent to spread it over not one or two but so far three different genres. What a great job she did at it.

This novel have romance, heartbreak, drama and a Greek Nymph! Such an amazing storyline and writing.

Joyland - Stephen King

Joyland - Stephen King 

Splendid & Mysterious

One of the best mystery novels out there...
King writes this story as one will tell you a story, with bits of future information about people in it or stepping of the story for a moment or so and relive another memory.  And who is the killer? You won't believe it and of course you expected just about everyone...

Naomi's Room

Naomi's Room - Jonathan Aycliffe 

This novel is creepy, it even had me sleeping with my bedside lamp on one night...
And that is what you want with a ghost/horror story. It have quite a few twists and turns in it and a great ending but not really an ending gou would expect,  yet another thing you want. It was really one of those books that you just want/have to read.
The more you turn the pages the more twists you get.
If you want a scary ghost story then this is for you.
I have to say that the part where Naomi dies is heartbreaking.
Exceptionally written, you experience all the emotions