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Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction writers - James Hutchings

Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction writers - James HutchingsWho would love a book with topics like "Book Curses", "Hand Of Glory", "The Possible African Inspiration for The Lord Of The Rings", "H.P. Lovercraft" & "Zombies"?This book truly have it all, you are sure to find some inspiration or spark in this book for your imagination to grow and to create your next masterpiece.If your in a slump or having writers block or even nust want to expand your knowledge or is like me, very curious, then give this book a shot and see your imagination forming.

Revival - Stephen King

Revival - Stephen King"This is how we bring about our own damnation, you know - by ignoring the voice that begs us to stop. To stop while there's still time." - Jamie Morton, RevivalExceptional & Outstanding.Everyone you meet, you meet for a reason and sometimes they are not good.
This book strech the boundaries of afterlife and digs into De Vermis Mysteriis & Potestas Magnum Universum. This novel is great and easy to read and keeps you turning the pages... the characters are so real and yet completely different from each other.
Charlie took him hobby and turned it into an obsession and stepped over the law of life... How something can look great but turns ugly with a price to pay at the end...
I was certainly hooked on this book, it is geniuse and shows that you can't put Mr. King in a single genre and that he knows how to go far beyond the border where most would draw the line.
All the clues to the end are there, everywhere in the novel you just have to…

A Change Of Heart - Mark Benjamin

Wow. Unexpected...
I was expecting something like a spin-off to Twilight cross with The Vampire Diaries , thank heaven it is not, it was actually really good and very captivating... It is just really good.
It keeps you wanting more and the way it is written is excellent, not only do you get to see the POV from every but also how they merge to come together.
I was pleasantly surprised at this book. It was really very enjoyable. I would most definitely recommend this book to everyone.
I love it.

Nicholas Sparks - Safe Haven

Safe Haven - Nicholas SparksWow...
This is a truly beautiful story. This is one of those nivels where if you want to reflect on love and what is important, then read it or re-read it.
I am for sure going to read this novel a few more times. The letter Jo wrote to Katie brought tears to my eyes, so sad and yet so beautiful and touching.
Nicholas Sparks are truly gifted in the art of writing and knows how to capture your heart and feelings...
He is my favourite romance/drama writer.
The novel and movie are completely different in nust about 98% of it... Yet both are exceptionally good 💌🎡