Delirium, Pandemonium & Requiem - Lauren Oliver

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

An impressive story with a great storyline. You really fall in love with these two main characters and really start to hate others. It is a story about forbidden love with a true heart-wrenching ending.
It shows you the terrible and wonderful side of young forbidden love and it shows you an eerie side to a love less world and how dreadful it can become  to have your feelings taken away from you. It was a pleasant adventurous read with a wretched ending that will make you reach for book 2 faster than you can blink.

Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver

Wow, what a story...
You start to except the ending of Delirium and move on with Lena to a new world anf way of living just to be thrown for a loop at the ending that leaves to breathless and ecstatic at the same time. The adventure continues in this great novel...

Requiem - Lauren Oliver

What a disappointment!
I don't  want to sound mean but this book was rotten. The characters that you love and enjoyed to read about is just not the same, they don't have that same feeling as before and act like drama queens. The storyline itself is not bad at all but the ending is just dreadful.
No conclusion at all, just a gigantic open ending. It just don't cut it, it have a feeling of unfinished, like the author didn't know how to end it so she just didn't...


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