Who in their right mind doesn't love the witchy Owen sisters with their fun loving aunts?
Now the thing is that the movie and book is completely different. So this only ever happened twice so far, where I pick the movie over the book. Okay don't get the wrong the book a pleasant enough read and the story was good BUT the movie, oh the movie was amazing.

I honestly don't think the movie would have been such a huge success if they kept to the story in the book. The movie is just so much more fun and family love where the book is a bit dry and just ugh... Not ugh in a total bad way but nothing compares to the movie.

So I watched the movie long before I got hold of the book and so when I read the book it was dry and a bit disappointing so I would recommend to FIRST read the book and then go and enjoy the awesome movie. But if it happens that you already saw the movie - still ready the book. Would make you appreciate it more.



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