NOS4R2 - just a number plate or something much more?
This was an amazing story and you can see that talent run in the King family...
The story takes place around Christmas.
Also about a young girl with a gift that turns into a woman and then a black car and an extremely creepy guy that drives the car. I can't say much more or go into detail as it will give the story away and ruin it.
I read this in a few short days and also around Christmas a few years back, you know to get into the Christmas spirit.

Seeing this photo and thinking about all the weird and dark twists and turns in this book wants me to read it again, plus it is almost Christmas again.

So people that know me can tell you that I love Stephen King and Horror (also coffee) so it just came natural to me to pick up this Joe Hill book and so glad that I did because he clearly got it from his daddy...
This was my first Joe Hill book and by far not the last one I will get. I love his writing style and his stories is dark and twisted and amazing. Another thing that I loved about this book is that he made a reference in the story about one of his father's most famous stories - IT, Pennywise the dancing clown and also the town it tormented, Derry.
How amazing it that?

So if you are a Stephen King fan or a horror fan then this book is most definitely for you. So go and sink your teeth into it.


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