Who doesn't love a good cliché? I know I love them especially when it comes to my horror movies. Don't get me wrong I love horrors, all of them, but their is just something about a jock, slut, scholar, virgin and the fool.

So I did also watch the movie of course and loved it and this book is just the novel version of the movie. Maybe a little more detailed and of course you can read what they are thinking unlike with movies. So the book is a bit more.

I loved this book, no surprise there... Also I would recommend this book to just about every one I can. This book was also a very fast and easy read. I also loved the setting of the book - woods, lake and a small cabin (reminds me a lot of Evil Dead, the original).

Okay so the name pretty much says it all about what this book is. it is about a Cabin in the woods and these five college students go to for the weekend. The night starts off as fun but then it takes a turn for the worse when they pick their own way to die as part of a ancient ritual.
Does the legendary virgin survive? Read the book or even watch the movie as their are 99% similar and find out about this weird ancient ritual and who dies and who survives.

I truly enjoyed this book. 


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